Is a permit needed from the JCGHD to construct a water well, spring, cistern or pond in Jefferson County, Ohio?

Yes, a permit is needed from the JCGHD prior to the construction of a water well, spring, cistern or pond, if the private water system will be used for human consumption. Section 3701-28-01(A)(1) of the Private Water System Rules of the OAC states that:

“Any person intending to construct, alter or seal a private water system or component thereof, shall, either in person or through a designated agent, make application to the department for a permit.  Except as provided in paragraph (H) of this rule, no work shall commence until a valid permit has been issued.  Each application shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee established under this chapter and all information required under this rule.  The applicant shall sign the application form, and shall indicate the name of any registered contractor intending to do the work, if known.”

Is a permit needed from the JCGHD to alter my private water system?

Yes.  Section 3701-28-01(A) of the Private Water System Rules of the OAC defines an “Alteration” as:

“To make a major change in the type of construction or configuration of a private water system, including without limitation, adding a disinfection or treatment device, for the purpose of disinfecting or treating the water source for a private water system due to contamination; converting a well that uses a well pit to a well with a pitless adapter or well house type of construction; extending the casing above ground; deepening a well; changing the type of pumping equipment when the change requires making new holes or sealing or plugging existing holes in the casing or wall of a well; or repairing, extending, or replacing any portion of the inside or outside casing or wall, or the walls of a spring or cistern, that extend below ground level.”

Therefore if you are planning an alteration to a private water system that is referenced above you will need to obtain a permit from the JCHD prior to altering the Private Water System.

Applications for a PWS permit can be obtained by contacting the Environmental Health Division of the JCHD at (740) 283-8530, as well as copies of Chapter 3701-28 of the Private Water System Rules of the OAC.