Required Certification in Food Protection

The Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Ohio Department of Health are requiring specific certifications in food protection for each licensed risk level III and IV FSO and RFE. Please review the documents below pertaining to this requirement. If you are unaware of your risk level or have further questions, please contact the health department. Establishments that are not in compliance with this rule will be cited during inspection.

Food Service Operation Licensing

How can I get a copy of the Laws and Rules of a Food Service Operation ?

Easy, contact the Jefferson County Health Department (JCHD) at (740) 283-8530 and simply request a copy.

What do I need to do if I am considering opening a food service operation?

Anyone considering opening a food service operation must first request a food service operation license from the JCHD.  Applications for licenses can  be obtained from the JCHD located at 500 Market Street, Steubenville, Ohio, or by calling (740) 283-8530.

Is there any other paperwork that I would be required to complete?

Yes, but nothing difficult. A document will be sent to you when you request an application.

This document asks for general information of the proposed food service (i.e. type of flooring, walls, ceiling etc…) Also required is a list of equipment that will be used in the food service operation along with the model and serial number. A floor plan is also requested showing where equipment will be placed, where bathrooms are going to be located etc.

The last step is to have a state building inspector inspect the building to make sure it meets all codes and regulations.

Have your local fire department inspect the building for fire safety.

Contact the Jefferson County Plumbing Inspector so that an inspection of the plumbing can be made to make sure it meets the requirements set forth in the Jefferson County Plumbing code.

And last but not least, contact the Food Service Sanitarian, at (740) 283-8530 to do a final on site inspection and you can receive your license you will be ready for operation.

When and how do I renew my existing food service license?

Applications for renewal of food service operation license, other than those for mobile and seasonal food service operation licenses, shall be submitted to the JCHD not later than the first day of March.  Renewal applications for mobile and seasonal food service operation licenses shall be submitted prior to commencing operation in a new licensing period.  The JCHD may renew a license prior to the first day of March or the first day of operation in a new licensing period, but not before the first day of February immediately preceding the licensing period for which the license is being renewed.