If I am bitten by a warm blooded animal (i.e. cat, dog etc…) should I report the bite to the authorities?

Yes. If you have to go to the ER the nurses will ask you questions concerning the name of the owner of the animal and the nature of the bite. The hospital will then fax this information to the JCGHD.
If an emergency room visit is not necessary, the bite should be reported to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

What orders does the JCGHD issue to the owner of a warm blooded animal that has bitten somebody?

A ten-day quarantine order is sent to the owner of the animal. Before the animal can be released from a quarantine order a veterinarian must examine the animal and sign off on our form that the animal is in good health.

If an animal bites me, does the JCHGD have any recommendations on steps that I should take?

First of all get treatment. Contact your family physician. Try to get all the information you can on the owner of the animal (address, phone number, etc…) so that the JCGHD can send the necessary documents.