Our Staff

All divisions of the Jefferson County Health Department are located at 500 Market Street, 6th Floor, Steubenville, Ohio.

Administrative Staff

Nicole Bush Balakos, MS, MBA, Health Commissioner ext. 1624 email
Jane Culp, MD, Medical Director ext. 1623 email
Sheryl Suppa, Regirstrar ext. 1621 email
Karen Grimm ext. 1625 email
Linda Agresta, Adm./Env. Clerk ext. 1622 email


Environmental Staff

Marc Maragos, RS, Director of Environmental Health ext. 1627 email
Carla Gampolo,  RS ext. 1628 email
Frank Klinger, SIT, Accreditation

Coordinator/Programs Director

ext. 1629 email
Jack McGuire, RS ext. 1626 email


Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP)

Sam Ivkovich, PHEP Coordinator ext. 1630 email

Nursing Division

Vacant – Director of Nursing ext. 1631 email
Beth Manuel, RN ext. 1632 email
Ann Quillen, LPN ext. 1634 email
Vincetta Tsouris, RN ext. 1636 email


WIC Division

Stephanie Chester, RN, IBCLC – WIC Director ext. 1637 email
Jackie Dinofrio, RN ext. 1638 email